What critics are saying

“… bizarre and unnerving from start to finish…”


“I am grateful for the balance of respect and curiosity as the reporters peel back, layer by layer, why this devout Lutheran man would execute his family and then disappear.”

Mentally? A Magpie

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What our listeners are saying


This podcast series is excellent. A deep-dive into the mind of a killer and the family that has you hating the killer one minute and feeling sorry for him the next. I’ve known about this case but learned so much more through your investigative journalism. Great job!

buccaneersfan // 05/11/22

Excellent storytelling

This is so well done. It is so nice that the family is not lost in the story about catching the murderer. They are very present in the story and I think that is so important.

MaVis7164 // 05/25/22

A rare 2 host podcast that is well done

I’m often a tough critic of podcasts. I listen to many podcasts, and have come to realize there are so many really bad podcasts, especially when there are multiple hosts. ‘Father wants us dead’ is the exception: A straight ahead, to-the-point podcast where the 2 hosts each stay in their lane, and the result is a satisfying, gripping style of story telling that kept me wanting more!

p_jones // 05/25/22

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